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Best Ways To Enjoy Your Christmas Panettone

With the Christmas day fast approaching, we know the Panettone will soon be flowing in from friends & family, nom nom nom. This year we wanted to showcase some creative ways to enjoy your Panettone, in ways you may not have thought of before.


#1 With Coffee

What might seem like an obvious choice, Panettone with Coffee is the best way (in our opinion) to end a meal, and a pairing only to be envious of.

Why not try it with our Classico blend or Chocolate for a bit of extra oomph.


#2 With Wine

Wine + Panettone = Dynamic Duo

This pairing offers the perfect amount of balance. With the sweetness of the Panettone & your choice of vino, this pairing gives you that perfect wind down buzz.


#3 With Jam or Nutella!

Add something sweet to your Panettone, we dare you!

Who said Panettone can only be enjoyed with a beverage? Pair it with a spread & enhance what is already such a decedent treat. Jam & Nutella make the perfect morning breakfast meal, and instantly transport you to Italy.

Happy Panettone Season!

Photo Credit: Arieyl Koithra

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