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How-To Make the Perfect Espresso

Have you ever sipped your morning Espresso and wondered, just what defines a "Perfect Espresso?"

Keep reading, as we outline a few key drivers, that help make the world of difference, when making that special Morning brew.

Written by Espresso Chronicles Monday 10 October 2022


Step 1: Clean Your Filter

Legend has it that if you clean your filter/Moka Pot with soap, it disrupts the overall flavour of the Coffee, which in turn makes a more bitter tasting Coffee.

With that being said, hot water & a nice pat dry will start your process off nicely.


Step 2: Dose Correctly

When thinking about the correct amount of Coffee dosage for your Espresso, you must always remember the following three factors:

  1. Dose

  2. Yield

  3. Time

These three parameters on their own have a huge impact on any extraction and are independent variables. Keeping in mind that Coffee regions, also play a role in the 3 factors. Get to know your blend well before brewing.


Your Dosage will be determined by your basket size, this is a great & easy way to decipher how much to use. For example, if you have a basket size of 22 Grams, Your Dose should essentially be the same amount.

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The yield refers to the total output of espresso from the machine, or how much espresso is in your cup/s.

The yield has two properties we can measure: namely volume and mass. The preferred method for measuring yield is weighing the espresso’s mass for ease of measurement and consistency.


Time is the final piece of the puzzle in your Espress making journey, and can be compart mentalized in two ways:

  • How long it took to reach the target yield from the moment you press the button on your machine OR

  • The total time the coffee grinds spent in contact with the water

Time is a driver of extraction. More time = more extraction and more strength.

For Example: If you leave your tea in the water for too long it becomes very dark, too strong & bitter Conversely, not enough time will make a thin and weak brew.

Coffee is much the same.

In the case of espresso, if you brew too quickly, the coffee is not only underwhelming in flavour but it also becomes overwhelmingly acidic. This low-quality acidity is often associated with a perceived intense sourness.


Step 3: Clean

What might seem like an obvious step, but sometimes missed. Ensure before screwing shut your Moka Pot or attaching the Group Head to your machine, you are cleaning your ground Coffee.

Taking pride in your Coffee making tools, is important.


Step 3: Enjoy

Grab a Biscotti (Or two) and Enjoy!

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