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How-To Make the Perfect Moka Coffee

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Ask any Italian what they love the most, and chances are Coffee will be apart of that answer. Moka Pot Coffee is a ritualistic experience, that combines the elements of unity, family & a shared love of coffee!

A Moka Pot is a classic coffee maker of Italian design, made from aluminum or steel. Since its invention nearly 100 years ago, this brewer has remained one of the staple ways of making home-brewed Italian coffee.

The Macchinetta as the Italians call it, was invented by Luigi de Ponti, and he patented it for Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. The same model is still sold today as Bialetti Moka Express. The aluminum made octagonal coffee maker is the favorite way of making coffee for millions of people.

Have you ever wondered how Moka Pot Coffee is made or what makes the perfect Moka Pot Coffee?

Keep Reading below.

Written by Espresso Chronicles Friday 7 April 2023


Step 1: Unscrew & Fill

Add warm water or hot water to the lower chamber and fill to just below the safety valve. Do not cover the safety valve as it releases pressure to prevent your pot blowing up.


Step 2: Fill & Distribute

Fill with your preferred ground Coffee, Ensuring the coffee used is slightly coarser than Espresso, to ensure your end result remains full bodied & flavourful.

We used the Bialetti Perfetto Moka Classic, which can be found HERE.

When filling the filter it is best to fill to a levelled amount (around 5/6 table spoon fulls, if wanting to be precise). You can easily use your eyes to gauge the "right amount"

A little trick we like to do once we have filled the filter with Coffee, is use our Needle Distributor to evenly distribute & aerate the grounds, before screwing the top back on. The great thing about a needle distributor is it eliminates clumps in your coffee, allowing for a more even distribution & pour. While needle distributors are generally used for Espresso Machines, we have found using it in our Moka Pot making has really elevated the overall experience.

They key with Moka Coffee is to not over complicate the experience. It's all about efficiency & effectiveness.


Step 3: Screw & Brew

Just like a puzzle, it's now it’s time to piece it all together. Place the filter basket in the lower chamber and screw on the top compartment.

Make sure rim is clean or it will lose pressure during brewing. Don’t forget to place the gasket, before screwing the two pieces together.

Place on medium heat over an electric hot plate or a gas stove, turning the handle away from the heat. If you use an electric stove, use a heat diffuser to control the high temperature spikes.

As the steam pressure builds, the water will force its way through the coffee into the top compartment. Check (With gloves or a tea towel, to prevent your hands being burnt) whilst on the stovetop, and watch the Coffee start to spurt out.

Wait for the singing moka pot to perform it's final act.


Step 4: Stop, Pause & Pour

Once you hear the gurgling sound, wait 10/15 seconds & turn off your stove top. The key is to listen out for the sound, and turn off within 10/15 seconds, to prevent your Coffee from burning.

Remove your Moka Pot from the heat, and allow it to stand for 30/60 seconds.

Grab your favourite biscotti, a book & serve!


Step 5: Cleaning

The great thing about the Moka Pot is that it requires minimal cleaning maintenance. Once cooled down, pour your grinds into the garden or compost, run your Moka Pot under water & place on a drying rack to dry.

No chemicals or dishwashing liquid needed!


Any soapy residue can interfere with the taste of your coffee and, over time, ruin the finish of the Moka Pot.


Bonus Step: Make It Cold

Using the coffee you've just made in your Moka Pot, pour the desired amount into a heat resistant cup & place in the fridge for an hour or so to cool down.

Once cool, remove from the fridge & service with your desired milk or water & ice.


We used the below products in the making of this article

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