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Huskee Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a time to reflect on what Huskee are doing to reduce their plastic waste and how they can continue to improve. There are simple ways to reduce plastic waste, and the month of July is the perfect time to form habits.

Better yet - 2% of all Huskee Sales this July will be donated to Reef Check Australia.


Who are Reef Check?

Reef Check Australia is an innovative citizen science focused charity dedicated to educating and empowering community volunteers to better understand, appreciate and protect oceans and marine environments.

They help people help reefs by providing the tools for the community to take positive action for our reefs. Through their network of volunteers, Reef Check engage in citizen science, connect people with reef science, and undertake local conservation projects.


How are Huskee Reducing Plastic Waste?



HuskeeSwap is Huskee's cup exchange program that enables businesses and individuals to easily participate in Reuse and reduce their single-use plastic-lined cup waste.



Huskee have redesigned their product packaging to utilise window cut-outs instead of plastic stickers to identify product types and colours.

Supporting Huskee's Partnerships


Supporting Huskee's partnerships, collaborators and friends in the reduction of plastic and Reuse, include Blue Listed Oceanic Global, Reuse Seattle and Win for Nation.



HuskeeLoop is Huskee's End-of-Life, or product stewardship program, that ensures that Huskee's plastic-based products are turned into something new. 

Read more about Huskee Loop here.



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