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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and we know your Coffee loving Mumma deserves something extra special, and extra Caffeinated from Espresso Chronicles.

Below, we have put together the ultimate must haves for Mother's Day this year.

Treat your Mum, She deserves it!

Written by Espresso Chronicles Tuesday 24 April 2023


#1 Mum loves Le Creuset

From Cups to French Press' we know your Mum will love our curated range of Le Creuset products.


#2 Coffee!

We know your Mum LOVES Coffee just as much as we do. Treat her to a vast selection of Beans, Pods, Ground or Steeped Coffee.

We also offer a Coffee subscription on any of our blends, to ensure your Mum doesn't run low (They are also cheaper than a one time purchase).


#3 I love you so Matcha

A new edition to the EC family, Treat your Mum to a selection of Matcha Pods or Powder, paired with a traditional Matcha Tea set, to get her started.

The Ceremonial Gift Set is ideal for preparing Matcha the traditional way. It has all the traditional Matcha preparation items, including a traditional bowl, the chasen (bamboo whisk) and chasen stand as well as the chasaku (bamboo spatula).


#4 La Dolce Vita

Now this is THE showstopper that will have your Mum feeling extra Dolce!

Bialetti and Dolce & Gabbana together have collaborated to celebrate the Italian coffee ritual. Created in 1933, the brainchild of Alfonso Bialetti, Moka Express has always been an undisputed icon of Italian style.

Available in both 3 & 6 cups, we also have an induction set available for Inductions stove top users.


#5 Give the gift of choice

You can't go wrong with an Espresso Chronicles Gift Card. It's the perfect gift when you don't know what to pick!

Choose from $25 right up to $250, the choice is yours.

Click here to purchase.


A happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's, Caretakers & Mother figures out there. We see you, we love you & we appreciate you!

Espresso Chronicles

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