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Introducing the Chill Brew Sphere Espresso chilling ball, a game-changer for coffee and beverage enthusiasts. This innovative tool is designed to unlock the true taste of coffee by maintaining its pure and unpolluted flavour, eliminating the need for diluted drinks.

Made with precision stainless steel, it is not affected by the acidity of coffee, ensuring a rich and sensory coffee experience with every sip. The unique refrigerator-friendly hook allows for pre-chilling without compromising flavor, unlocking a variety of flavors in your brew.

Not limited to coffee, this tool is perfect for chilling bourbon, whiskey, and other liquors without diluting their essence like ice does. Impress your friends with specialty cocktails and enjoy ice-cold drinks for hours. Dishwasher safe and built to withstand daily use, this set also makes a great gift for coffee lovers and whiskey connoisseurs.


Elevate your beverage game and indulge in an unforgettable tasting experience with the Chill Brew Sphere Espresso chilling ball.




  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Features: Reusable, Multi-use, Refrigerator-friendly


Size Details:


  • Overall Length: 95.6mm (Approx.)
  • Ball Diameter: 25.5mm (Approx.)

Chill Brew Sphere Espresso Chilling Ball


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