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The Austin G6 is an easy way to brew coffee like a pro, without ever needing replacement coffee filters. This coffee pot is in a series of zero waste products that let you brew rich tasting coffee without spending money constantly on coffee filters or producing waste.


Highest quality double layered stainless steel filter for grit free coffee

The stainless steel coffee filter on the Austin G6 is specially designed. It is made with an extra fine stainless steel mesh, layered on a laser etched stainless steel frame. This makes it a very strong filter. The fine mesh filters out all grit from your coffee, which gives you smooth tasting coffee, without the grittiness of other methods. This is a reusable filter so you don’t need to purchase replacement paper filters. The filter is very durable and is considered a permanent coffee filter. Paper cone filters are never needed. The carafe and the filter are both dishwasher safe. We highly recommend washing the filter with some dish detergent and a sponge after each use to avoid a build-up of coffee oils, which can plug up any coffee filter.


  • Made of high quality, borosilicate glass 
  • Removeable and reusable, double layered stainless steel filter
  • Comfort protective grip
  • Brew and serve from the same device
  • Every Austin G6 coffee maker sold provides 50+ days of safe drinking water


GROSCHE Safe Water Project

Every time you buy a GROSCHE product, you are funding 50+ days of safe water for people in need via the GROSCHE Safe Water Project. As of 2019 GROSCHE has funded over 115 Million Days of safe water for people in need in over six different countries.

GROSCHE Austin G6 Pour Over Coffee Maker, 1000ml/34 fl. oz


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