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Introducing the MHW 3Bomber Cake Coffee Filter, your ultimate companion for exquisite pour-over coffee. Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly paper, each pack contains 50 filters designed to fit seamlessly into your brewing routine.


With precise perforations ensuring optimal flow and flavour extraction, these filters elevate your coffee experience by filtering out impurities while allowing essential oils to enrich each brew. Ideal for use with pour-over coffee makers, the MHW 3Bomber Cake filters promise a smooth, sediment-free cup every time.


Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a casual brewer, these filters guarantee a consistent, flavourful coffee ritual with every pour.


Product Features:


  • Sturdy sides won't collapse during brewing; This minimizes coffee grounds getting into your coffee.
  • Made from natural wood fiber to improve the strength and purity.
  • Disposable filters mean that you can easily throw away without needing to clean out a metal filter. Package including 50pcs enough to use.
  • A cake cup design is used to fully extract the bottom coffee to reduce the damage to the original taste of coffee.

MHW-3BOMBER Cake Coffee Filter Pack Of 50

PriceFrom AU$11.00

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