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The MHW-3Bomber Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a sophisticated solution for enthusiasts seeking a seamless cold brew experience. This device streamlines the cold brewing process, delivering a bold and smooth coffee concentrate. Built with precision from durable stainless steel, it boasts a generous 600ml capacity, making it effortless to create substantial batches of your favorite cold brew.


The adjustable drip rate ensures optimal extraction, promising a superior brewing experience. With its user-friendly design and exceptional performance, the MHW-3Bomber Cold Brew Coffee Maker is your ideal companion for crafting rich, refreshing cold brews in the comfort of your home.




  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 600ML
  • Paper Filter Set Included
  • Hand Wash Only

MHW-3BOMBER Cold Brew Coffee Maker

SKU: 1005006442480663

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