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Coffee distribution made easy for your Moka Pot, with the MHW-3BOMBER Cyclone Moka Pot Coffee Distributor.


Do justice to your brew. Level, evenly distributed grounds are an essential first step in achieving the perfectly packed basket of fine ground espresso, that will also prevent spillover. Turn clockwise for a smooth & easy Coffee distribution everytime.


Tamping Steps:


Step 1: Grind Coffee as needed

Step 2: Place the Moka Pot cage into the distributor powder bin hole

Step 3: Add your Coffee into the Moka Pot cage

Step 4: Rotate clockwise until an even distribution is formed

Step 5: Remove & brew




Colours Available: Black

Size: 105mm h x 77mm w

Weight: 115gr
Material: ABS, Silicone
Tamper Base Type: Convex

MHW-3BOMBER Cyclone Moka Pot Coffee Distributor

SKU: 1005005432718973

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