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Introducing the MHW 3Bomber Espresso Basket Puck Screen – a vital enhancement for coffee enthusiasts.


Perfect your espresso with this meticulously crafted stainless steel screen, designed to optimize extraction and enrich flavour profiles. Tailored to fit most portafilters, it guarantees consistent puck compression, ensuring uniform water flow for a reliably rich crema.


Bid farewell to inconsistent extractions and welcome a flawless brew each time. Engineered for durability and simple maintenance, this espresso basket puck screen is an indispensable tool for both baristas and home brewers.


Revolutionize your coffee-making journey with MHW's dedication to quality and innovation.

MHW-3BOMBER Espresso Basket & Puck Screen

SKU: 1005005252629781
PriceFrom AU$54.50