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Experience precision in every grind with the MHW-3Bomber Sniper Electric Coffee Grinder. This sleek grinder combines powerful performance with customizable settings, ensuring your coffee beans are expertly ground to perfection every time.


Elevate your coffee experience with consistency and ease, from coarse to fine grounds at the touch of a button.




  • SEVEN CORE GRINDING BURR - This upgraded Titanium Coating burr coffee grinder adopts 48mm CNC420 stainless steel seven core grinding conical burr, which makes grinding more efficient. It can achieve high grinding degree and very low fine powder rate, so that the ground coffee is relatively uniform.


  • STEPLESS ADJUSTMENT - Point-by-point adjusting, more accurate and convenient. The electric coffee grinder scale is clear and can be applied to different utensils of coffee, such as french press, cold brew, drip coffee, syphon, moka pot, espresso, etc.


  • EASY TO CLEAN - Most coffee bean grinders have the problem of electrostatic flying powder. The outlet of our coffee grinder is designed at a reasonable angle, it can effectively reduce the problem of flying powder, and because of the magnetic suction design, the outlet can be removed for cleaning. More convenient and efficient.


  • COMPACT DESIGN - The electric burr grinder is small in size and each time it can grind 30g coffee beans. Its high level of appearance and high performance, it is definitely the best choice for your first purchase of a bean grinder.

MHW-3BOMBER Sniper Electric Coffee Grinder - White


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