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Introducing the MHW 3Bomber V60 Coffee Filter Paper, designed to enhance your V60 brewing experience with precision and quality. Each pack contains 40 or 100 finely crafted filters, made from eco-friendly paper for a clean, sustainable brew. Engineered with the perfect balance of thickness and permeability, these filters ensure optimal extraction of flavours and aromas from your coffee grounds.


Compatible with V60 drippers, they facilitate a smooth flow rate, delivering a balanced and sediment-free cup of coffee with every brew.


Whether you're a seasoned barista or an at-home coffee enthusiast, trust MHW 3Bomber V60 filters to consistently elevate your coffee ritual to new heights.


Product Features:


  • Crafted from natural wood pulp, The MHW-3BOMBER coffee filters are free from fluorescence and bleach, ensuring a pure coffee experience.

  • Single-Use Convenience: Each filter is designed for single use, simplifying cleanup and providing a hassle-free coffee brewing process.

  • Versatile Size: Perfectly sized for 1-4 cup drippers (V1 = 1-2 People, V2 = 2-4 People), these cone-shaped filters are a versatile addition to any coffee lover's arsenal.

MHW-3BOMBER V60 Coffee Filter Paper

PriceFrom AU$11.00

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