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The Blackfield Blend Shinkai steeped coffee bag is designed for the stronger coffee lover who could also add a bit of milk to their coffee.


Shinkai steeped bag is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a specialty coffee at home, office, road trip, in-air. Literally anywhere as long as there is access to water. (Hot water is preferable but you can still use it for a nice cold brew - might take longer than 6 hours).

What is a Steeped Coffee Bag?


Ground coffee in a netted bag that you submerge in hot water. Think of it like a tea-bag but 100 times better because it's coffee!

What's in the box?


  • 10 x 13g steeped coffee bags


What does Shinkai mean?


A famous Japanese explorer submarine, a manned submersible that is capable of the deepest dive in the world at 6,500 meters. Our Steeped Bags are Inspired by the famous Japanese explorer submarine Shinkai, designed to explore the deepest points in the ocean, we designed our steeped coffee bags to submerge in your cup and take you on an exploration journey of coffee flavours.



A mug + 230ml of hot water + Shinkai Bag + 5 mins = Coffee Journey

Stitch Coffee Shinkai Black Fielf Steeped Coffee Bags

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