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A blend for the Stoics and not the weak of heart. Our Dark Field blend has been tailored for a strong start to the day, inspired from the classic Italian espresso diaries.

This blend embodies the dense, deep and dark characters of coffee. It consists of three origins and provides a rich, sweet and strong coffee experience.

Encouraged to drink black or white.


How To Brew:



Contact Time: 27-32 seconds

Dose: 19-23g accordingly to your basket size

Brew Ratio: 1:1.8

Temperature: 93.5°C

Extraction: 36-44g

Stitch Dark Field Blend

PriceFrom AU$20.00
  • Strength: Medium

    Roast: Dark

    Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Almond, Caramel

    Perfect For: Espresso (Moka Pot or Machine)

  • Please Note: Bean orders placed before Tuesday each week, will make the weekly roasting schedule & will be sent on Wednesday. Anything placed after this day will go into the next weeks roasting schedule.

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