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Honduras is a coffee origin on the rise. Though its coffee industry is developing, Honduras' soil, climate and conditions are similar to neighbouring nations highly regarded for their coffee. Honduras presents a developing industry but one well suited to the task. In recent years we have seen more and more Honduran coffees cupped at very respectable scores.


This La Flor SHG is an excellent example of an industry on the rise. Expect a cup teeming with dried fruit, caramel and chocolate. The result: a coffee of mellow acidity, well-rounded and deep sweetness and a very smooth texture. Honduras has definitely got our attention!


These pods are 100% home compostable:


Place pods (whole pod with coffee inside) in your home compost system. Alternatively, you can place in your FOGO or general waste bin.


Single Pack contains 10 pods.


*Nespresso compatible pods


Biodegradable and industrial compostable.

Stitch Honduras La Flor Coffee Pods

PriceFrom AU$11.70
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Coffee Subscription
AU$11.70every month until canceled
  • Strength: Mild

    Vriety: Mixed

    Process: Washed

    Origin: Coban, Lempira

    Perfect For: Espresso, Long Black

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