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The Timemore C3 PRO boasts steel conical 38 mm grinding stones and an improved patented Spike to Cut (S2C) grinding system. This technology cuts the coffee beans into smaller pieces before the actual grinding process, ensuring more consistent and faster results.


You can choose from a really wide range of coarseness. Whether you're an espresso or filter fan, the Timemore C3S PRO can handle it. Its all-metal construction is made from aluminium combined with a stainless steel handle, and thanks to its stylish green design with a diamond textured surface, it fits beautifully in your hand.


The hopper holds up to 20g of coffee beans, enough to brew one to two cups. Its compact dimensions, light weight and practical folding handle make it ideal for use on the go.




  • All-Metal Aluminum Alloy Body: Crafted with an all-metal aluminum alloy body, the TIMEMORE C3 ESP PRO Manual Coffee Grinder offers outstanding durability and longevity. This sturdy construction not only withstands frequent use but also protects the internal components from any potential damage. Additionally, the aluminum alloy body contributes to efficient heat dissipation during grinding sessions, preventing overheating that can compromise the delicate flavors of your coffee beans.
  • S2C Patent Conical Burr: The TIMEMORE Manual Coffee Grinder is equipped with the revolutionary S2C patent conical burr. This advanced burr design ensures a consistent and even grind size, allowing for the perfect extraction of flavor from every bean. With its precision-engineered shape and cutting-edge material, the S2C burr provides exceptional grind uniformity and minimal heat generation during grinding, ensuring maximum flavor retention in every cup.
  • Adjustable Grind Setting: With its adjustable grind setting feature, the hand Coffee Grinder helps you get fine or coarse coffee powder to suit your preferences perfectly. This precise control over grind size ensures you have precision and control the coarseness of coffee beans when making French Press, Drip Coffee, Espresso,Turkish Brew etc.

Timemore Chestnut C3 ESP Manual Coffee Grinder


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