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Ensure your coffee beans stay fresh and primed for your daily brew with the Timemore glass Coffee canister, featuring a vacuum-sealed lid for optimal storage.


Ever pondered the mystery behind coffee losing its zest?


It's akin to the slow transformation of your trusty bike into a rusted relic, the Statue of Liberty's gradual shift to a verdant hue, or your once-fresh fruit succumbing to the inevitable decay after a weekend tucked away in your lunchbox. Enter the culprit: oxidation. Oxygen bears the burden of blame in this tale. When organic matter and certain metals cozy up with oxygen for too long, they engage in a chemical tango. Oxygen, the relentless partner, steals electrons from other molecules, setting off a chain reaction of molecular instability. The result? A domino effect of browning, aging, rusting, and, alas, the dreaded staleness of our beloved coffee beans.


But fear not! With the aid of a sealed container, you wage war against oxygen's relentless assault. By minimizing your coffee beans' exposure to this pesky element, you thwart the aging process, preserving their freshness and flavor for an extended dalliance with the senses.

Timemore Glass Coffee Canister

PriceFrom AU$35.00

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