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With the latest grinder from Timemore, home users will be able to control grind size and grind quality with less effort than with a manual hand grinder. With a lithium-ion rechargeable battery source, you are able to grind at home or on the go with up to 30 grinds on a single charge.



  • Do not continuously grind more than 60g of coffee beans
  • Do not grind very light or hard beans in 0-2 clicks to prevent overheating of the motor. If overheat protection kicks in, the grinder will be unusable for 10 minutes.
  • Do not wash or soak in water.
  • Please use 5V, 1A to 2A adaptors for charging instead of fast chargers.
  • Do not shake it while grinding to avoid damage to the motor.
  • Do not touch the burrs when it is in use.



  • Fast grinding with 15g beans in just 27s (medium size for pour over)
  • Grind size adjustments for brewing on Moka pot, percolation. Not recommended for espresso brewing.
  • Grinding uniformity quality comparable to Timemore range of professional manual grinders
  • Auto swing technology that will try to dislodge beans that are stuck in the burr by rotating back and forth 3 times before stopping the grind to avoid damaging the motor
  • Damping structure to allow precise adjustments of grinding settings
  • Capacity of 60g, 15g grinding for each cycle
  • Long standby time, easy-to-charge, fully charged to grind more than 400g coffee beans for pour over
  • A greener alternative 2x 800mAh built-in lithium ion battery source with USB-C fast charging
  • Glass container can be used as air tight coffee bean jar with top lid
  • Compact sized at 22cm (Height) x 8.6cm (Diameter), weighs 660g
  • Included USB-C cable and brush for easy cleaning

Timemore Grinder Go

SKU: 1005002885266626

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