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Pouring Coffee

Growing up in an Italian household, Coffee was embedded in my culture and everyday life. From the moments shared with family, to that simple cup of Coffee in the morning, Coffee became a very ritualistic experience for me, and something that I truly cherish as a part of my daily regiment. Espresso Chronicles was born from that same love, passion & commitment to Coffee.

Espresso Chronicles is not just a business, we are dedicated Coffee enthusiasts with a pure passion for the Coffee community.


Each and every product onsite tells a different story, A story that we want to be just as much a part of your home & Coffee ritual as much as it is ours. At the core we are an at home online Coffee retailer, specialising in at home Coffee essentials, including Coffee, Grinders, Cups, Moka Pots & more.


At Espresso Chronicles we are committed to creating a captivating Coffee experience.


From the Coffee you drink, to the items in which you enjoy your favourite Coffee in, We are committed to ensuring your Coffee Experience is covered from Bean to Cup.

Nic Salerno

Owner & Coffee Enthusiast

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